1. Identification and contact details of the Website Owner. (hereinafter “the website”), is owned by The Institut d´Innovació Empresarial de les Illes Balears (The Business Innovation Institute of the Balearic Islands, hereinafter referred to as “The Owner”) with its registered office at Plaça Son Castelló, 1-Bajos, 07009, Polígono Son Castelló, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, with CIF (tax identification code): Q5755018H, telephone no.: (+34) 971178900 and email address:

2. Scope of application.

Navigation on the Owner’s Website involves accepting the status of a User and the total acceptance of the contents of this Legal Notice.

3. Age.

On our Website we do not process the data of persons of under fourteen years of age. Our services are in any case intended for use by adults of eighteen years of age or over.

4. Intellectual and industrial property rights.

The contents of the Website, including for example its texts, images, graphs and source code, are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights.

These contents may not, for example, be reproduced or transformed without the prior explicit permission of the Owner. Users may access the contents and make authorised private copies thereof on condition that the elements reproduced are not subsequently transmitted to third parties, are not installed on servers within a network and are not subjected to any type of operational use.

5. Shared standard regulations for the use of the Website.

The User undertakes to use the Website in accordance with the following standard regulations:

  • • Users shall not publish commercial messages through the Website without authorisation.
  • • Users shall not collect content or information provided by other users.
  • • Users shall not upload viruses or malicious codes of any kind whatsoever.
  • • Users shall not search for log-in data or access any user account pertaining to any other user.
  • • Users shall not carry out any actions that are of an illicit, deceitful, malicious or discriminatory nature on the Website, in accordance with these conditions and with Spanish legal requirements.
  • • In general, Users shall not undertake any actions that may cause damage or harm to the rights of third parties.

The Owner may eliminate any content or suspend any service if, in the Owner’s personal judgement, the said content or service breaches any of the standard regulations and obligations defined in this Legal Notice.

Users may contact us by email for the purpose of any consultation about, or clarification of, these standard regulations.

6. Hyperlinks and limitations of liability.

The establishment of a hyperlink shall not under any circumstances imply the existence of any relationship between the Owner and the owner of the website to which the link is established, or any acceptance or approval of the latter website’s contents or services on the part of the Owner. Any persons who propose to establish a hyperlink must first request the Owner’s prior written authorisation. In all cases, the hyperlink must only serve to facilitate access to the home page of our Website. Persons establishing a hyperlink must likewise refrain from making false, untrue or incorrect declarations or comments about the Owner, or from including contents that are illicit or contrary to good habits or the maintenance of public order.

The Owner shall not be held liable for any use that Users may make of the material made available to them on this Website nor for any actions that Users may take on the basis of the said material. The content of the Website is of a general and purely informative nature.

The Owner shall not be held liable for the content or functioning of any third parties’ websites to which the User of the Website may have access by means of any kind of link.

Inasmuch as legal regulations so provide, the Owner declines any liability of any kind for any damage or prejudice arising from the presence of viruses or from any actions of third parties that may breach rights to property, honour, privacy or in relation to illicit publicity.

Any Users or third parties who consider that an illegal offence of any kind is being committed on the Website must transmit notification of this fact to the Owner at the email address that appears in our identification details above. They must duly identify themselves and specify the facts that they denounce.

7. Privacy.

If personal data are collected on the Website, the Owner shall be responsible for the said data and shall treat them with total confidentiality and security. You will find further information in our privacy and cookies policy statement.

8. Modifications

The Owner reserves the right to carry out any modifications to the content of the Website that the Owner may deem appropriate, without prior notice. The said modifications may be in relation to the content of the Website, to its conditions of use, or to the general contracting conditions. The said modifications may be implemented through the Website by any method that is legally acceptable and compliance with the same shall be mandatory for as long as they are published on the Website and until such time as they are legally modified by further subsequent modifications.

9. Applicable legislation, the solution of controversial issues and the competent jurisdiction

The use of the Website shall be governed by Spanish law. Any controversy that may arise in relation to the use of the Website shall be submitted to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the municipality in which the Owner’s registered office is located.