Nauta Morgau presents its ecoboats at Palma lnternational Boat Show

Visitors can test drive the electric vessels Made in Mallorca with ecologic materials at the boat show between April 28 and May 1

lntroducing sustainability in the maritime sector is a significant and necessary challenge, especially for tourist destinations like the Balearic lslands, where the sea is omnipresent. Devising a nautical offer equally applicable for leisure and professional use is even more challenging. And achieving a product that is not contaminating and produced with sustainable materiaIs, is practical, beautiful and provides pleasure; seems an impossible dream.

Nauta Morgau has made this dream come true. They present the result at the Palma lnternational Boat Show. Their ecoboats are triply sustainable: they are electric; are produced with ecologic materia Is; and are km O, as they are Made in Mallorca.

Zero Emissions without plastic or fibreglass

The philosophy of this start-up boatbuilder, which started to commercialize its products in the autumn of 2021, is concise: They want to go beyond electric propulsion towards an authentical zero-carbon proposal. Electrifying boats is not new. But Nauta Morgau’s ships are more than just that. Thanks to being produced with ecologic materials like wood and natural fibres, they are recyclable almost 100% at the end of their working life. That makes a big difference compared to vessels built with plastic or fibreglass.

Yet, the masterminds behind the project do not content themselves with what they hove achieved. They continue investigating and innovating. They are currently working on propulsion based on hydrogen and portable electric batteries.

Versatility of use

Another differentiating factor is the versatility of the vessels. Nauta Morga u aims at the nautical, tourism and harbour sectors. The first segment comprises recreational navigation, where prívate persons want to cruise, go fishing or enjoy, and the possibility to use the elegant ecoboats as tenders to megayachts or big sailing yachts. In tourism, the company aims at rental or charter companies. The ecoboats can also be helpful for the public sector, as they can be employed in specially protected natural oreas for tasks like investigation, inspection and even for guided visits. On the other hand, sustainable vessels are an ideal solution for professional use and mobility for ports and marinas.

Transformative Business Project

At present, Nauta Morgau offers five models with a length of between 5 and 8 metres.They can personalize any boat to meet the customer’s wishes, always within the company’s working philosophy. They hove transmuted the traditional shipwright’s trade into a model of artisan but, at the sorne time, mechanized and industrialized construction. Nauta Morgau’s founder, Marc Balaguer, is very clear: “We don’t want to be a small shipyard where we build artisan boats, aspiring to produce and sell vessels upon demand. We have a transformative business project in the maritime sector, moving towards mobility based upon clean energies, sustainability and ecology”.

Nauta Morgau at Palma lnternational Boat Show

Nauta Morgau exhibits at PIBS from April 28 to May l, 2022. They show two boats at stand All; three other vessels are moored nearby for visitors and media to test drive. Marc Balaguer, the company’s CEO, Sergi Juanós, Chief Marketing Officer, and oher team members will be presents throughout the fair.

We recommend that journalists and media who wish to do an interview and personally test drive an ecoboat contact us beforehand to reserve their slot for a test drive and minimize waiting times.

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