The Mallorcan shipyard Verata promotes the first voyage of Origen to highlight the maritime heritage of the Balearic Islands

The official presentation of the boat will take place at the Palma International Boat Show on Friday 26 April at 5 p.m. at the Verata booth.

The craft shipyard Verata, in collaboration with the Mallorca Maritime Museum, will promote the project “The first voyage of Origen, an expedition to enhance our maritime heritage outside the Balearic Islands”.

The project consists of the construction of a classic wooden llaüt with which the shipyard will participate in three of the most important maritime festivals in Europe: Pasaia Itsas Festibala (San Sebastian, Basque Country), Fêtes Maritimes de Brest and Fêtes Maritimes de Douarnenez (both in French Brittany) with the main objective of enhancing the Balearic maritime heritage.

The “Origen” llaüt will start a journey from the Mediterranean to the Cantabrian Sea and return via the canals of southwest France. It is a navigation route of approximately 2,000 miles, between the months of April and the end of August.

The trip will be made with a classic wooden llaüt rigged with a latin sail and electric propulsion, characteristics that make this trip even more special and that aim to promote culture and heritage, tourism and sustainability.

The “Origen” llaüt

The work has been based on creating a classic wooden llaüt, rigged with a latin sail, from the beginning of the last century, when these boats reached their zenith. To carry it out, an old hull built in 1980 has been reused, which has only been used to produce a mould to build other llaüts. It has been named “Origen” in memory of its function, giving a start to other boats and as a tribute to our maritime roots and heritage.

The work carried out on the llaüt was based on the restoration of the hull, the modification of its entire structure to adapt it to sailing and the installation of the electric motor and batteries.

After several months of craftsmanship, the Origen was presented at the PIBS. The llaüt can be visited and, together with the Maritime Museum of Mallorca, the official presentation of the boat will take place on Friday 26 April at 5 p.m. at the Verata booth.