The Palma Boat Show recognises the humanitarian and maritime rescue work of the ‘Cruz Roja del Mar’

The Managing Director of the IDI, Mariona Luis, awarded the organisation with the Marcial Sánchez-Barcáiztegui award

The Red Cross of the Sea has been awarded with the Marcial Sánchez-Barcáiztegui Prize, which is presented every year during the Palma International Boat Show. The Managing Director of the IDI, Mariona Luis, awarded the trophy to the regional president of the Red Cross, Toni Barceló, this morning at the Moll Vell exhibition centre.

The award wants to recognise the humanitarian and maritime rescue work of the Red Cross of the Sea, which celebrates this year his 50 years anniversary. The Red Cross is also collaborating on the fair with volunteers and has an own exhibition stand to present the activities to visitors.

The Managing Director of the IDI, Mariona Luis, remembered that the award recognises since 2013 the work of people and institutions that are contributing to the promotion of the Balearic nautical sector. „This year we have an organisation with a special character and social importance, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Therefore, this award serves as recognition of the entire history of the Red Cross of the Sea and the humanitarian work carried out by its volunteers over the decades. This is an award for all the people who dedicate their time to making the sea a safer place.

“The Red Cross is proud to receive this award, as it highlights the 50 years we have been at sea saving lives and protecting the environment with our Maritime Rescue programme. Recognition like today’s encourages us to continue with our commitment and humanitarian work,” said Toni Barceló, president of the Red Cross in the Balearic Islands.

During 2020, nearly 2,000 people participated as Red Cross Volunteers in activities carried out in the Maritime Rescue Programme on the peninsula, in the archipelagos and autonomous cities. In addition, a total of 1,124 people were rescued because they were at risk of drowning, in need of medical assistance, or because they were the direct target of search operations.


After the ceremony to recognise the Red Cross of the Sea, the organisation carried out a sea rescue drill to show visitors how it’s working.

The Marcial Sánchez-Barcáiztegui Award is an award that recognises people or institutions that have contributed through their business and work to the promotion of the nautical sector in all its aspects. The trophy is named after the Rear Admiral and historical president of the Commission, Marcial Sánchez-Barcáiztegui.

Previous winners of the Marcial Sánchez-Barcáiztegui Awards Have been the Balearic Naval Regatta Commission (2013); the SAR Princesa Sofía Trophy (2014); the Consell de Mallorca’s School of Mestres d’Aixa (2015); Margarita Dahlberg (2016); Diego Colón de Carvajal (2017); Miguel Suñer (2018), and Isabel Subirats (2019).