The Palma International Boat Show, the setting for the first stage of the Galaxie, a 100% electric sailing school boat

This morning, the Palma International Boat Show hosted the presentation of the Loving the Mediterranean aboard the Galaxie, the first 100% electric sailboat school, which can be visited during the Palma boat show. The project, led by the TrueWorld company, aims to unite technology, science, education and social responsibility to promote the protection of the Balearic sea.


The presentation ceremony was attended by the Director General of Energy, Diego Viu; the CEO of TrueWorld and promoter of the initiative, Marco Mendoza; the manager of the IDI, Silvia Delgado; as well as representatives of associations, researchers and heads of schools participating in the initiative.


The Galaxie will be the tool that will be used to promote research and raise awareness about the protection of the marine environment thanks to the incorporation of cutting-edge technology equipment This emblematic boat was donated to the Joves Navegants Foundation to teach and educate disadvantaged young people on the islands, and after an investment of 600,000 euros it has become the first 100% electric school boat of more than 21 metres in the Balearics. It should be remembered that it has received a subsidy to decarbonise the nautical sector from the Directorate General for Energy of the Regional Ministry of Enterprise, Employment and Energy.


Loving the Mediterranean> is a collaborative initiative between local conservation and environmental education organisations and associations and groups of young people at risk of social exclusion and difficulties in finding work. During the nautical fair, hundreds of young people had the opportunity to visit the sailing boat.


Eight major international regattas at the Real Club Náutico de Palma

The Real Club Náutico de Palma (RCNP) will be the scene of eight major European and world regattas in 2024. The season will last from April to December and will include cruising, monotype, maxis and dinghy sailing competitions, in formats that include from coastal and technical routes to high altitude crossings.

The RCNP‘s international calendar was presented this afternoon at the Palma International Boat Show as a demonstration of its commitment to sport and the city. The director of the club, Manu Fraga, has estimated the expansive effect of these eight events at around 30 million euros.