PIBS 24 works on its future certification as a sustainable event

To fight marine pollution, the Palma International Boat Show (PIBS) has announced its firm commitment to sustainability and environmental protection in its 2024 edition. To this end, it is working on its future certification as a sustainable event. Against the backdrop of the Balearic Mediterranean, PIBS 24 aims to address one of the region’s biggest ecological challenges.

According to data revealed by local researchers, after glass, plastics and microplastics represent the second most abundant fraction of marine litter in the Balearic Mediterranean, with an average value of approximately 3 kg/km2. Aware of this problem, the organisation of the PIBS 2024 has redoubled its efforts to implement recycling measures during the event.

40th anniversary of PIBS24

In addition, in its 40th edition, the Palma International Boat Show is calculating the event’s carbon footprint with the aim of reducing and compensating for it. Visitors, exhibitors, and suppliers are participating to find out the emissions derived from the transfers, stays and activities conducted.

Some of the actions being conducted by Fides Consulting focus on reducing its carbon footprint, minimising waste, promoting inclusion and equality, promoting local development, and raising awareness of responsible practices.

The organisers of PIBS 24 are collaborating closely with the authorities and Fides Consulting to ensure that the event is run in an environmentally responsible manner. Waste collection and recycling systems have been implemented throughout the fairgrounds, with the aim of minimising environmental impact.
With these initiatives, the Palma International Boat Show seeks to lead the way towards a more sustainable future for the yachting industry, demonstrating that luxury and environmental awareness can go hand in hand.